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Everyone dreams!

I Had the Weirdest Dream Last Night!

You hold on tight as you fly through the air. The wind blows your hair off your face, as the giant bird on which you ride dips and turns. The giant bird makes a dive for the ground. The Earth gets closer and closer. At the very last second the bird swoops up as your feet barely hit the ground, and then takes off again. This is an awesome trip! 

The next day you smile as you think of your adventure the night before. You close your eyes and remember how tiny the world looked as you and the giant bird swished over the earth. It felt so real. Like riding in an airplane, only better! 

But it wasn't real.  It was a dream.

Everybody dreams every night. But you don't always remember your dreams. People dream during the stage of sleep called Rapid Eye Movement or R.E.M. You spend about two and a half hours dreaming. Most of your dreaming sleep happens between 4:00 and 7:00 in the morning. 

Scientists are not sure why we dream or what we dream. They do know that R.E.M. sleep is important for learning and memory. TV shows, video and computer games, real people, and actual events can show up in your dreams. Your dreams may be related to how you feel, your worries, your hopes, or things you are excited about. 
Some dreams can be scary. Find out how to take the FRIGHT out of NIGHTMARES.
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