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Lee Can't Sleep

Lee has trouble falling asleep every Thursday night. Every Friday morning she has a spelling test. When she gets into bed and her parents turn out the lights, she begins to worry. She starts to worry that she will forget how to spell the hard words during the test. So she tries to remember how to spell each word.

Suddenly, Lee realizes how late it is. She stares at the clock next to her bed. She closes her eyes tight and tries to fall asleep. Lee peeks at the clock again, but only one minute has passed. She closes her eyes again, but she still cannot fall asleep. Now she is getting more nervous about being tired tomorrow, and mad that her body won'tlet her sleep.

Lee has a sleep problem called insomnia (Say: in-SOM-nee-a). People with insomnia have trouble falling asleep, wake up a lot during the night, or wake too early in the morning. You, your friends, your parents, or your grandparents might have trouble sleeping sometimes, just like Lee. 

Lee decided to start a bedtime routine. So every night she takes a shower, brushes her teeth, then gets in bed and reads a book with one of her parents. This helps her body know that it is time for sleep. Now, by the time her parents turn off the light, she is sleepy. Even on Thursday nights, she is able to fall asleep right away.

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